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My 3-year-old daughter had repeated earache and coughs since she was about 1. The GP continually gave us antibiotics – they cleared the infection up temporarily but about a week later we were back to square one with another bug or virus. Homeopathy and our homeopath Sue Leach helped us to break this awful cycle – and after about 3 sessions with Sue, and with our own home homeopathic first aid kit, my daughter now gets the odd cold which goes quickly and isn't subject to the misery of earache and recurrent coughs. I am eternally grateful for Sue's homeopathic help and advice. She was also brilliant with my daughter asking her about her symptoms and really getting to know her before delivering any remedies. My daughter still asks to go back but actually we haven't needed to. Many, many thanks, Sue.

I first met Sue Leach at a networking lunch back in January 2013 and arranged to meet to discuss some medical issues that my 9-year-old daughter was having. I found Sue to be incredibly knowledgeable and she quickly made a number of suggestions that could potentially help her. As someone who has used homeopathy when I was a teenager I am a huge believer in what Sue does and how homeopathy can help treat a number of medical conditions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue to friends and family.

I first visited Boldre Homeopathic Practice with my son who has Down’s Syndrome 7 years ago. My son had been suffering with glue ear and hearing loss and constant snotty nose since birth. He had been offered a long course of a low-dose antibiotic but I did not feel that this was the right course for him to take. I decided to give homeopathy a try first. Since the first meeting with Sue Leach, she has treated my son regularly – sometimes for an acute need, at others for maintenance. The result is that the constantly snotty nose has gone, the skin around his mouth, nose and cheeks is no longer red and sore, and he no longer has to wear a hearing aid. The relief from his symptoms happened pretty quickly after the initial consultation and has kept building ever since. I was so thrilled with this result that I signed up to Sue’s courses as they became available so that I could find out more about homeopathy and how it can help me and my family. I feel empowered by the knowledge I have gained through Sue’s homeopathy workshops and whilst this is no substitute for consulting a qualified homeopath, it has equipped me well for helping my family through coughs, colds, bumps, burns and more. An example of this came on a recent family holiday. Our elderly dog hurt his neck after a vigorous play session with our puppy. He was struggling to straighten up and move about. I instantly gave him some remedies and within 24 hours he was moving more freely and the pain had subsided as he no longer whimpered. Without the knowledge acquired through Sue’s workshops I would not have been able to begin to help him. Sue also offers phone consultations which are really helpful and a pharmacy service so we can pick remedies and tinctures up conveniently. Sue has treated pretty well the whole family now and certain remedies have become household names. Further examples of how homeopathy has worked for my family include my own experience: I used to suffer from heat rash when exposed to the summer sun which was really uncomfortable and disfiguring. I discussed this with Sue and she prescribed a remedy which worked instantly. Now I always keep that remedy in my handbag in the summer months. My husband has always suffered from hayfever but a few years ago went to Sue for help. The treatment he received from Sue has brought him incredible relief from the constant sneezing he previously had during the hayfever season. Homeopathy has helped me and my family to take more responsibility for our health and to sort out minor health issues, whilst Sue is always on hand to offer support for wider health issues. I can thoroughly recommend it and Boldre Homeopathic Practice for a supportive and well-informed service.


Sue has been a wonderful asset in providing help and support for my young son for the last couple of years. He has had a long history of upper respiratory tract infections, with some croup episodes and frequent earache, sore throats and tonsillitis. I don’t want to reach for antibiotics unnecessarily and the advice and remedies that Sue has provided have given me choices in how I care for him in these illnesses. He has responded well to homeopathy and I have seen a definite improvement in the frequency and quantity of these conditions. I am so pleased that Sue is a big part of our medicine cabinet. Parents need choices.

Sue provides us with excellent ongoing support for our two young children. Her homeopathic help and advice and remedies ensure that our children are strong, healthy and happy. I have always used homeopathy and it is my first point of call if anyone is run down, has a fever, has coughs or colds, injuries or accidents. When I was pregnant homeopathy was the only thing that made me feel less awful!

At the age of 3 my son started suffering from deafness, continuous runny nose and respiratory problems. As well as these symptoms he was beginning to suffer educationally and his behaviour was getting worse. We pursued conventional medicine for a cure and whilst we were waiting the 12 months for our appointment with the hearing specialist I decided to visit Sue Leach. Along with practical dietary advice (we cut out gluten) and homeopathic remedies, George was symptom-free in just three days. After a year (one of the worst of my life) I had my son back. What more can you ask!
I use homeopathic remedies with all my three young children because they are safe and I can use them in conjunction with other medicines. Finding the right remedy for your symptoms is where a great and caring practitioner comes in.
I have happily recommended Sue. Thank you, Sue – for your care and knowledge.

Sue, I write to confirm that without doubt your homeopathy treatments have worked extremely well for my young daughter with regards to hayfever and any number of the usual childhood illnesses, as well as providing support for her on an emotional level.
We came to see you in the summer of 2012 when my young daughter was experiencing dreadful hayfever symptoms which affected her eyes becoming encrusted, sore with yellow discharge in the morning, sensitivity to light as well as the usual sneezing and runny nose symptoms. Following visits to the GP and optician to confirm that there was nothing more sinister going on with her eyes, I chose to pursue the homeopathic route rather than over-the-counter pharmacy options which would have had negative side effects like drowsiness/dry mouth/changes to bowel habits etc.
Through your careful testing methods, you were able to identify that she was sensitive to both grasses and flowers as well as a specific type of tree which we later established as growing near her school in the forest.
The homeopathic remedies you carefully selected for her clearly made a HUGE and speedy impact and within 10 days all the eye symptoms were gone even though we were still in the hayfever season. This was not a coincidence. This year we commenced starting the drops at the end of February and my daughter had no symptoms at all throughout a particular nasty season for hayfever sufferers with both grass and tree pollens being very strong at the same time.
Sue was also incredibly accurate in determining my daughter's personality type and where her sensitivities were in terms of supporting her immunity, which could be supported by homeopathy. Sue also recommended another remedy as a nice support to calm her when she is feeling over-sensitive, and we continue to use this regularly. We also sought Sue's help to support my daughter with chicken pox infection and soaring temperatures, again rather than resorting to the pharmacy.
I am very happy with homeopathy as a support for my daughter's health and emotional well-being needs and Sue Leach is an outstanding practitioner in this field. We are very lucky to have Sue working in our location of the New Forest.

Three years ago my 7-year-old daughter started to have very scary asthma attacks at nights. The GP recommended an inhaler, but I refused to use it and was looking for more natural help. My brother-in-law recommended the homeopath Sue Leach and we immediately went to see her. After a heartfelt consultation my daughter started to use the prescribed homeopathic remedies and immediately felt better.
From this experience I can assure you that homeopathy really helps and it needs to be promoted much more. Every second child in my daughter's primary school (in London) was using an inhaler and will be using it for the rest of his/her life, while my daughter is happy and healthy because of the help of homeopathy.

I cannot speak highly enough of Sue. She has treated my family with complete professionalism, but with compassion and understanding also. My two children aged 5 and 10 both enjoy going to see Sue and talking to her about how they are feeling and what has been happening in their lives. The remedies that she has recommended have been very effective in treating them, and have led to huge improvements in both children. This has prevented the need for traditional medicines such as antibiotics, and has led to them having a far stronger immune system than previously. The overall benefits of this are immeasurable.
Thank you so much, Sue!!! Keep up the great work!

Sue has been a great support to me while my children were growing up. My daughter suffered badly from constipation from a tiny baby until she was 3 years old. I tried everything – she had tests done in hospital, she was put on Senocot, then Movicol, but neither of these provided a longterm solution. The Senocot actually gave her terrible stomach cramps because of the high dose she was on.
When she was 3 years old I went to see Sue. Sue listened so intently and really observed and studied my daughter while she played at our feet... It took a few different remedies to try first, but after about 3 weeks she hit on the absolute perfect remedy. Overnight my daughter's problem disappeared – it was literally overnight and seemed like a miracle. She has never had problems like that again.
I have continued to see Sue for my son and myself over the years and have found the remedies very helpful. My son had very bad glue ear when he was younger and he was referred to the hearing specialist. Sue gave him a remedy and at his next audio appointment the specialist said she had never seen such amazing improvement in such a short time.

I have been a patient of Sue Leach for around 7 years, since I moved to the area and Sue was highly recommended to me. She has been treating both my children from the age of 3 and birth (they are now 9 and 7). In particular my son suffered very badly from hayfever which Sue has treated annually for the last 5 years. 3 years ago she commenced a programme of de-sensitisation and the symptoms each year have decreased dramatically. Whilst my son still suffers from itchy eyes on particularly high pollen days, this is managed effectively through the remedies that Sue has suggested. His hayfever is no longer debilitating and, most importantly, he feels that he can help himself, as I am happy for him now to take homeopathic remedies when he feels the need.
Sue has also treated my daughter’s sensitivity towards various food groups including wheat, cheese and tomatoes. The difference in the eczema on her face was remarkable – it had to be seen to be believed.
My children have a real rapport with Sue as she treats them with respect and understanding. She takes time to really understand the issues, and to find out if there are underlying causes which may have some bearing on the symptoms being evidenced. Sue is genuinely interested in helping people to get well for the long term.
I am a very firm believer in the ability of homeopathic remedies to treat various conditions, especially in children. I have attended many of Sue’s courses in homeopathy, read books on the subject and received treatment myself. Most importantly I have evidenced the results of using homeopathic treatment over many years. It is always my first resort as I believe in a holistic approach to all aspects of life.


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I hold regular talks at Boldre Homeopathic Practice teaching how to use homeopathy at home. Helping people learn more about homeopathy is a key part of my practice – a part I particularly enjoy. If you have a group of friends who might be interested, do give me a call.

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