I have now moved my homeopathy practice into central Lymington where I work with other therapists under the name of The Natural Health Hub, a holistic health centre offering a wide range of complementary mind/body therapies, nutrition, meditation, mindfulness and yoga. Call us on 01590 670955 or visit www.TheNaturalHealthHub.co.uk

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I have always liked the holistic approach to things as it has worked in various ways countless times for me. I reached a point in my monthly cycle where the week-long build-up, the mood swings, the not really feeling like myself complete with surges of upset and emotional feelings just got too much. I didn’t really understand why I felt like I did and got very upset with not feeling “like me”. I couldn’t explain what it was that was happening, all I know is that wanting to burst into tears for no reason was simply not the norm. A heavy, dark mood feeling that was mental and physical was something that I had not had to suffer in the past. I am a very balanced person and my complete imbalance at this time was very hard to cope with. I have a very understanding husband but I still did not want him to have to bear the brunt of this peculiar person each time my cycle came around. Another factor in all this was that prior to my cycle I would have the most unbearable swollen and itchy breasts, so much so that in my sleep I would complete tear myself apart. The sluggish feelings of someone who is very active and energised were strange and the unbelievable bloating and water retention were all just getting too much. Aware of the wonderful work that Sue Leach does, her wonderful attitude and enthusiasm for all the great work she does in helping people and their ailments with homeopathy, I decided to see Sue after having a discussion which made me feel very comfortable. It was so nice to be listened to, asked lots of relevant and important questions and then to be listened to some more. It was never going to be an option for me to seek what I feel people call the “normal route” and to go to the doctors, to be given drugs that I simply did not want to pollute my body with and I am so glad I never did that. I was given medicine to help with all my ailments and it has changed my life for the better forever! The only way I can describe it is that I didn’t know what to expect when I left Sue after my first session but it completely levelled me! My next cycle came and went just like any other day, my husband and myself were so taken aback by the immense positive impact of homeopathy and the quickness in my response that I happily discuss where I was to where I am now with whoever wants to. As for the itchy breasts, well, 1 teaspoon of my remedy in a glass of water and it completely disappears! I have two remedies and these do not have to be taken every month as they overlay into other months. It has had such a powerful impact that my sister, who suffered worse than me, has since been seen by Sue with the same amazing results. If this didn’t work, then I would not be writing this and I think it is so important for people to know just how brilliant homeopathy is. The other thing to add is that if it doesn’t work then how come Sue is so busy and how come a lot of great athletes use it to cure all sorts of issues? Homeopathy definitely worked for me and I will continue to use this fabulous route to ensure my time of the month is a happy one! Thank you, Sue.

I've been a PMT sufferer for 25 years. I've tried many different therapies, oils, supplements, diet etc in order to alleviate the symptoms but hadn't managed to get any success until I visited Sue Leach at her tranquil practice in Boldre. We discussed my symptoms at length and after a full consultation she proceeded to give me some remedies. I took these remedies religiously each day and quite quickly I felt relief from my symptoms. For the first 3 months I actually found myself unaware of the symptoms until the end of my cycle. I usually suffer these symptoms for 7-10 days before my period starts every month. I so wish I had found Sue Leach 25 years ago! PMT is very difficult to treat. We are all unique individuals with complex hormonal systems which often change depending on our stress levels, diet, environment etc. I am very impressed with the results so far and will definitely turn to homeopathy in the future for other ailments or emotional imbalances that occur in my life and would be more than happy to recommend Sue Leach as a practitioner. What a fantastic experience. I wish everyone would be open-minded to try homeopathy.

I visited Sue a couple of years ago with peri-menopausal symptoms and anxiety. She treated these symptoms which helped me enormously. She is very knowledgeable and has a lovely manner. I would always recommend trying homeopathy first and I frequently do.



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I hold regular talks at Boldre Homeopathic Practice teaching how to use homeopathy at home. Helping people learn more about homeopathy is a key part of my practice – a part I particularly enjoy. If you have a group of friends who might be interested, do give me a call.

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